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Introducing Fun, Free Educational Activities for Kids from Remo!

Exercise Our Brains with Rhythm is a brand new Play-Along Video program from Remo, Inc. Starring Award-Winning Artist Norm Jones of Rhythm Child.

These activities have been designed for a child or a group of children, or a family. They encourage social, physical and intellectual development through hands-on, sensory accessible rhythm and music exercises, designed to bring the whole family or class together for fun!

Packed with learning opportunities, use it to reinforce primary color recognition, reading, counting, rhythm development, motor skills, teamwork, and fun!

Great for instructional time, brain breaks, family time, play time, birthday parties... anytime.

Learn 3 different rhythms (or just tap along with your toes!) and then choose your part and join the band - play-along!



"I greatly appreciate you (Norm Jones - Rhythm Child) helping to create so many memories for families across the country."

Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States


#brainbreak #drumming #counting #motorskills #sensorymotor #socialskills #birthdayparties #funforkids #familyfun #remokidspercussion

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