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Health Perspective: At the Intersection of Music, Sound Vibration, Movement, Mind and Body

At the intersection between music, sound vibration, movement, mind and body are these activities developed by Opera Singer, Teaching Artist & Rhythm Facilitator Maria Simeone. Without venturing into formal therapy, Maria bridges ideas from Singing, Yoga, Bartenieff, Dance Therapy, Sound Healing and Recreational Music-Making for easy, healthy physical and cognitive activities. Free video lessons, lesson plans and activity cards are available at Remo, Inc.'s digital magazine: The Comfort Sound



Maria, an Opera Singer integrates singing in her program, Flexity Jig Activities for the Remo Drum Table with Comfort Sound Technology. A Time Magazine article, Singing changes your brain, scientifically proven to lower stress, relieve anxiety, and elevate endorphins reported that singing releases endorphins, which is associated with feelings of pleasure. Or it might be from oxytocin, another hormone released during singing, which has been found to alleviate anxiety and stress and also enhances feelings of trust and bonding, which may explain why still more studies have found that singing lessens feelings of depression and loneliness.



In the 1940's Irmgard Bartenieff came to the United States and developed a set of fundamental exercises, based on concepts and principles of kinesiological functioning, that can be extended into all types of movement activities. It is an approach to basic body training that deals with principles of anatomical body function within a context that encourages personal expression and full psychophysical functioning as an integral part of total body mobilization. (1996)

The field of Dance Therapy seeks to use movement to benefit cognitive, emotional, physical and social integration of the individual based on the premise that the body, mind and spirit are interconnected.

Appreciation for these ideas is apparent in each Flexity Jig Activity Maria created for the Remo Drum Table with Comfort Sound Technology.



Sound Healing organizations believe we are vibrational beings in nature. And that sound can be used inter-culturally to attune, invoke, and transform consciousness. Listen to Healing Sounds Radio for more information on Sound Healing. The 40" Remo Drum Table, demonstrated in each Flexity Jig activity, has a warm and soothing sound, but this instrument is unique because you feel the vibrations produced as much as you hear them. Due to limitations in computer or phone speakers you may not be able to hear the fullness and power of the sound and vibration produced by this instrument in person.



The scientific work of neuroscientist Barry Bittman in exploring the benefits of Recreational Music-Making (RMM) demonstrates that eliminating performance anxiety is one key to unlocking the benefits of group music-making* that may include: reducing stress, improving mood, strengthening the immune system and more. Learn more about Dr. Bittman's work as CEO of the Yamaha Music & Wellness Institute.

Photo Credit: Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School

By integrating rhythm-based activity that seeks to: alleviate performance anxiety, incorporate healthy movement, powerful vibration and singing Maria builds bridges between these disciplines for a recreationally accessible experience that may have therapeutic benefits.

For a clinical approach to music-making, learn about Music Therapy at:

For information about Dance Therapy visit:

Learn more about the life and work of Irmgard Bartenieff.

Learn about the original RMM protocol, HealthRHYTHMS, at:


Reference Material:

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  • Find additional Bittman RMM research at: (Filter for "Research")

* Specifically, the HealthRHYTHMS Protocol

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