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Weather modification rituals are often associated with Native American tribes of the Southwestern United States. But in this instance, we are speaking of water visualized in the mind, rather than falling from the sky. George Thompson, the Director of Performing Arts at TERi, Inc. in Oceanside, CA is developing imagination, creativity, teamwork & visualization skills through the use of the drum.

In this video lesson, students, who have faced a developmental or learning challenge, are demonstrating the ability to tell stories through the drum, Students develop the ability to stay on-task while having fun in a social setting, and learn how to make a variety of sounds during their storytelling activity. These activities can have a powerful impact on students of any age who are working on specific communication, academic, cognitive, sensory motor or social skills.

For the Board Certified Music Therapist, a music therapy guideline for this lesson and the others in this series will be released next week! These lessons and guidelines are intended as a free resource to help parents and caregivers understand the opportunities for learning and therapy that can be accessed with a music educator, music therapist and drums with Comfort Sound Technology.

See this and all the other video lessons and free lesson plans at

#drum #socialskills #communication #cognitive #sensorymotor #teamwork #comfortsoundtechnology #drumtable

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