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How can learning dynamics and tempo help someone who needs support with developing language skills?

When you think about the benefits of music, do you think of cognitive skills? If you're a musician you may be personally aware of the benefits to playing music, but cognitive science researchers at Northwestern University believe there may be a correlation between being able to synchronize to an external beat, and early language development.

As part of a free 10-lesson curriculum, Remo, Inc. has released another video lesson designed to use rhythm as a tool for teaching dynamics and tempo. If the benefits of music surprise you, there is good news. Music Therapists around the world understand how to harness the power of music (and rhythm in particular) to create opportunities for learning and support for people with learning challenges. In this newly available lesson, students at TERi, Inc. (a school that exists to change the way people think about autism and developmental disabilities) take starring roles playing the Remo Drum Table with Comfort Sound Technology, and George Thompson, the Director of Performing Arts demonstrates the lessons, Music Therapist, Terri Wiener, MT-BC offers insights into the value a music therapist can bring to the table (pun intended). These lessons include a downloadable lesson plan so you can easily integrate these activities into your own work.

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