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Music Therapy...the Heart of our Crown!

As a patron member and supporter of the American Music Therapy Association since its founding, Remo

has appreciated the opportunity to consult or partner with many thought leaders and clinical music therapists

throughout the years to develop instruments and programs that are specifically designed for therapeutic application, including:

Barry Bernstein, MT-BC

Ron Borczon, MM, MT-BC

Alicia Clair, PhD, MT-BC

Barbara Crowe, MMT, MT-BC

Helen Dolas, MS, MT-BC

Joanne Loewy, DA, MT-BC

Judith Pinkerton, MT-BC/L

Barbara Reuer, Ph.D, MT-BC

Christine Stevens, MSW, MT-BC

ConcettaTomaino, D.A.,MT-BC, LCAT

and more...

In this exciting established field, it's no wonder so many people are wondering what IS music therapy, and how can I get involved in helping people through music & rhythm? There are many avenues for using music as a tool for improving our personal quality of life. And there are a variety of avenues for using evidence-based strategies that are informed by music therapy, neuroscience, and other health professions. Learn more about this exciting field of Music Therapy, exactly what it is and where to go for schooling on (ABOUT/Music Therapy). We can also help connect you to a Board Certified Music Therapist near you!

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