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Rhythm & Receptive Language

When Chris, a student at TERi, did this, after telling viewers how he likes to listen and repeat what he hears, we couldn't stop smiling!

Music therapists, parents and teachers looking for receptive language development strategies and pattern recognition for someone with autism or a developmental disability, join George & Terri for these accessible and enjoyable activities!

Play & Pass Rhythm

Developing Listening Skills and Repeating Rhythmic Patterns


Recreational: Listen & Repeat

Music Therapy: Receptive Language & Pattern Recognition

Music Education: Listening and Repeating Rhythmic Ideas & Phrases

A new lesson released each week.

Check out other rhythm-based strategies and opportunities to leverage the benefits of Comfort Sound Technology to affect positive change in the lives of loved ones with Autism, Developmental Disability, Alzheimer's and PTSD at

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