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Students with Autism Take Starring Roles in Free Curriculum

As a teacher have you ever wished your students with autism could give you tips on how to best help them? This free curriculum for teachers and music therapists stars experts and students demonstrating unique learning strategies that are working for them.

TERi, Inc. a school in San Diego, CA that serves adults and children with developmental disabilities and autism has partnered with Remo, Inc. and put the experience of their music therapist, Terri Wiener, MT-BC and their music educator, George Thompson to work benefiting teachers, therapists and students around the world. But the students are also going to contribute by demonstrating the lessons. Seeing is believing, and students like Chris (who began playing piano only 3 years ago and will be accompanying a grammy award winning artist next month) has always dreamed of being on the Captain Kangaroo Show, can't wait to show you what they CAN do.

As part of a pilot program TERi, Inc has partnered with Remo to test the efficacy of using Remo Drum Tables with Comfort Sound Technology as a tool for engaging students in the school curriculum and for working on social skills and communication goals.

In a recent Los Angeles Times article Thompson said "A lot of people in this community are very sensitive to sound. These drums are much more accessible to a lot of them." What Remo and TERi, Inc. are striving to accomplish in this joint endeavor is to create an activity based curriculum that will harness the power of rhythm to reach students with opportunities for learning that may not have been accessible to them previously due to auditory sensitivity or heightened need for sensory stimulation." These instruments eliminate or supress the higher frequency overtones while delivering a powerful vibration. The frequency of these tools can be lower than a timpani and previously has not been available.

Check out the free video lessons now!

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