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Free Curriculum for Developing Cognitive, Social/Emotional and Academic Skills

Remo, Inc. has launched The Comfort Sound, a new digital magazine that provides free educational resources for families, educators, therapists and caregivers for utilizing their new Comfort Sound Technology. (See Article on KHTS: Santa Clarita Drum Company Launching Digital Magazine)

Kicking off the digital magazine is a multidisciplinary curriculum providing a practical framework for collaboration between teachers, parents, music therapists and other relevant persons using tested activities that can be used by parents and experts from each discipline to work collaboratively toward relevant goals. The content and activities are fun enough to use at home with the whole family, and can be highly effective tool for working on: social skills, music and education goals, self-expression, behavior modification, self-confidence and numerous therapeutic goals when a board certified music therapist is included on your team. Lessons are designed specifically to include adaptive music education, music therapy, and recreational music participation.

New free lessons and resources will be released each month. Subscribe to our mailing list now!

Watch the introductory lesson for people with developmental disabilities and autism now!

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