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Getting Started 

One of the easiest ways to quickly begin using Remo Drums with Comfort Sound Technology in the home, or for beginning musicians or first-time drummers, is to use pre-recoded music or backing tracks to play along with. 


The best resource in selecting music to play along with will be the drumming participants. Finding music that resonates with individuals or groups can heighten concentration and participation. If participants have limited verbal or communication abilities consider using adaptive communication devices such as iPads, Mayer-Johnson Symbols, or playlists with visual components. 


Music with a steady beat and tempo of  120BPM makes dancing and tapping to the beat irresistible to many people. New studies suggest that songs like Pharrell's "Happy" with a balance of rhythmic predictability and a medium amount of complex syncopation elicit a greater desire to dance and move to the music. Off beat rhythm found in funk, disco, R&B and Motown can get many to their feet and playing along to the beat. 

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