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ArtBEAT Drum Submission Guidelines


Would you like us to feature your ArtBEAT Drum Art Project?  Please follow these guidelines for submission.


1. Place your drum on a white or black solid background in a well lighted area

2. Remove all other objects from the shot

3. Photograph your drum from directly in front of it, so that you only see the drumhead and so that you aren't shooting from under or over the drum. 

4. Take a second photograph of the drum so that you can see the head and the artwork on the body (drum shell). 

5. Send us your name and address and one paragraph (75 words maximum) about your artwork, your technique and/or its meaning.

6. We reserve the right to decline to publish artwork for any reason. 

7. If your artwork is accepted for publication, we will notify you by email. 


By submitting you are certifying that this is your original artwork and that you are the legal copyright owner. Further, by submitting your artwork you are granting Remo, Inc. a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use, modify and reproduce your artwork online, in social media and print worldwide, in perpetuity, without compensation. 

I agree to the terms of submission.

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