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Enjoy drum art and stories of the artists who painted them.

These Drums feature Remo's Comfort Sound Technology so with your artwork, they sound as beautiful as they look.

ArtBEAT, a musical canvas for sharing your story.

Would you like us to feature your artwork? View the submission guidelines here.


Artist TBA




Artist TBA


Eric Ahlgrim

Deep Search

Colin Carrl.

Stairway to My Heart

Artist TBA


Sergio Paniagua


Sergio Paniagua’s creates a visual narrative that is inviting and unguarded. Through illustration and collage, Sergio is able to share what is close to his heart allowing others to have a greater understanding of who he is. His subject matters tend to be nature, common placed items, friends and family. The figures in his artwork often assume a talismanic function, creating wonder and delight. His choice of color is festive and bright and the shape and forms are joyous and iconic in their simplicity. By exploring Sergio’s circle of self-expression, we are able to get lost in a world that is exciting, vibrant and fantastical. Sergio is a resident artist at Arts & Services for Disabled in Long Beach, CA. 



Jennifer Taylor

Liliana Ferrer and I gave a HealthRHYTHMS drum class in combination with painting an art beat drum at the Murray Art Guild in Murray, KY. I began with a mandala in mind using the colors and shapes of the peacock as my inspiration. I applied Jacquard alcohol based inks using brushes and sponges along with an Art Gum resist which was then removed to reveal the white of the drum head. Detail was added using permanent marker. It is balanced but imperfect. Looking at the drum brings me joy and reminds me of the class, the people, and how much fun we had. 




Joan Woodson

The painting on this Remo drum was requested by Playing for Change for a gift/presentation to the Baja Musical Arts Initiative at a UNICEF event at the United Nations on September 16, 2016. With inspiration from the UNICEF symbol it shows mother and child, symbol of the basic human promise of renewal that each new life brings. The humans are cradled by the great Tree of Life which stands for our Mother Earth. Both humans and Earth need our protection, our nurture to fulfill their promise. The gift of music is part of that nurture which allows the human spirit to grow.

I am an artist who does landscape paintings which I think of as portraits of beloved places in the West, and animal sculptures. When I work I feel I am honoring and celebrating the wonder of our Earth and the amazing forms life takes upon it.

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